Ranid's Space

A grid of various labelled Splatoon 3 clothing

Splatoon 3 Gear Completion Checker

My first attempt at javascript in web design to make an easy to use web app to check all of the gear you own in the video game splatoon 3. Well the app is easy to use it's just getting the file to upload there. I also attempted to make the site look good on mobile as well! So check it out on your phone.

@splatoongamefiles on Tumblr

I love splatoon and I enjoy looking through game files so here is me just going ham on that. Feel free to request things!
A tumblr profile for 'splatoongamefiles' the title of the blog is 'Forever trapped in Switch Tooblox'
A minecraft screenshot featuring the minecraft logo recoloured to be in the trans colours. Other objects include a minecraft creeper, a wandering trader, an enchanting table, TNT, armour sets, and a few other objects, all with the trans flag colours.

Trans Pack (No longer maintained)

A minecraft resource pack dedicated to recolouring a bunch of blocks and items to be transgender pride coloured. Also includes many other pride themed items. Feel free to fork it and update it for newer versions, make sure to credit me.

Every Movie I've Ever Watched

Basically just my letterboxd profile. It took a long ass time to compile this so I'm counting it as a project. I also dont have enough projects to put here. Not all of these have reviews or even ratings. I am generally bad at rating things.
The Letterboxd logo. Three circles in a row overlapping, orange, green, and blue. They're white in the intersections
I'm gonna add more projects as I remember them/make more