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Hi, this is Audrey, but you may know me as Ranid or Ranidspace. I go by They/It/Xe pronouns. I am not a web designer (which may be apparent). Feel free to look around This website is severely unfinished!
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Programs and Services I Use

2023-07-15 5:03

I've decided to make a bit of a blog here in order to fill up this first page. So here's what I use when im on my computer.

I use Firefox. It is one of the only browsers that is not based on chromium. Google owns chromium and is cracking down on ad blockers and such, and firefox is much more customizable in my experience. Moving from chrome to Firefox was pretty easy and there's not much that I miss.

If you care about privacy (which you should), I suggest use these two extensions: Ublock Origin, LocalCDN.

Edit as of 2024-01-02:
Turns out that LocalCDN is ALSO not needed, and is covered by Ublock origin. i've been wanting to put this here for a while but i only did it now.

This list was actually a lot longer. I then later found out that a bunch of extensions I used were reduntant or very old. LocalCDN is just a fork of Decentraleyes, which is a lot more updated, Privacy badger and DuckDuckGo Privacy essentials is redundant with blocking trackers with Ublock origin. HTTPS everywhere is just built into Firefox these days, it's this thing:

A screenshot with text, a title saying 'HTTPS-Only Mode' and a paragraph of text which reads'HTTPS provides a secure, encrypted connection between Firefox and the websites you visit. Most websites support HTTPS, and if HTTPS-Only Mode is enabled, then Firefox will upgrade all connections to HTTPS.'

Firefox in general can be hardened for privacy but there's a lot of stuff that can break functionality and slow things down. Don't do everything on that page blindly, learn what they do first.

Moving on from Firefox, rapid firing some open source programs I use which was originally the fucking point of this blog post: 7Zip (please stop using winrar), Audacity (Use version 3.0.2! It's the latest version without telemetry), Droid-ify, Authenticator Pro (the repository should be included in Droid-ify), Syncthing, and a lot more stuff but thats the stuff i use daily

I would also like to take a moment to recommend Bitwarden. Stop using the same password on every site. This is basic security

Anyway, most people I know already know this stuff, I really just made this in order to get something interesting on this page. Happy surfing.